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Annual Data Report

NASPAA collects annual data from our members once every Fall.  The window for programs to provide data is August 1 through October 31.  The direct link to enter your Annual Data Report is:

Both accredited and non-accredited programs should use the above link.  You can download a word copy of the questions asked in the Annual Data Report below.  (Due to the fact that NASPAA has combined the previously separate Accreditation Maintenance Report and Annual Program Survey into one Annual Data Report please be sure to download the correct set of questions based on your accreditation status.)

Annual Data Report--Accredited Schools

Annual Data Report--Non Accredited Schools

If you have trouble accessing the system please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I complete the Annual Data Report?

There are a number of reasons for why your program should complete the Annual Data Report.  Doing so will allow your program to:

        - be included in NASPAA's School Search available to prospective students

        - have a NASPAA School Profile highlighting your program(s)
        - be included in aggregate analysis of the state of public affairs education

How does NASPAA use the data collected in the Annual Data Report?

NASPAA uses the data to feed directly in to our School Search and School Profiles as well as to provide valuable insights to our members about the state of public affairs education.  The aggregate analysis of the data is provided at each NASPAA Annual Conference and made available to members throughout the year.

Is the Annual Data Report the same as my required Accreditation Maintenance Report? (Accredited Schools Only)

The Annual Data Report contains both the Accreditation Maintenance Report required of all accredited programs and the additional annual data NASPAA collects from all programs.  All accredited members must complete the Accreditation Maintenance Report section of the Annual Data Report to maintain their accreditation status.  The Accreditation Maintenance Report is the top section of the report for accredited programs.

The Annual Data Report contains additional questions to the Accreditation Maintenance Report (without overlapping).  While it is important for programs to complete the entire data report only the first (Accreditation Maintenance Report Section) is required to maintain accreditation.

If my Self-Study Report is due in August, do I have to complete an Annual Data Report?

Schools in the current accreditation cycle (submitting their Self Study in August 15 of that year) can skip the first section (Accreditation Maintenance Report) of the Annual Data Report.  However, in order for the program to show up in the School Search and have a fully populated School Profile the program still needs to complete the short form of the Annual Program Survey section.   The Accreditation Maintenance Report section can be hidden to easily see where the Annual Program Survey questions start.

What is the difference between Membership and Program Level Data?

Membership level data should be provided in the aggregate for schools that have multiple programs.  This was to allow programs to report on all faculty for their institution without having to break them up by degree as in some cases faculty may overlap multiple degree programs.  Schools with multiple degrees will enter the Membership level data once for their first program only.  For their remaining programs you may skip the membership level data questions and go straight to the program level section.

What is the difference between the Short Form and the Long Form?

Questions contained in the short form of the survey are those that are used to populate NASPAA's School Search and your School profile.  These are the most important data questions to complete.  The long form data is important for aggregate analysis of the state of the field, but are not included in the school search or profile.

What year does the Annual Data Report Cover?

Each Fall programs are asked to complete the Annual Data Report for the previous Academic Year.  For example from August 1 to October 31 2018 schools were providing data for Academic Year 2017-2018.  The Annual Data Report asks programs to indicate how their institution defines its Academic Year (preceding or trailing Summer). 

There is one set of questions that do not follow this norm.  The Data Committee and other constituents in NASPAA felt it was important to have current enrollment numbers.  Therefore, all questions regarding enrollment refer to the Fall for which the program is entering the data (per the example Fall 2018.

Specifically those questions are:

What is the total number of new students entering the program in the fall?
What is the total number of students currently enrolled in the program?

Of the total number of students currently enrolled, what is the percentage of

  a. Out-of-state students: %
  b. International students: %
  c. Female students: %
  d. Part-time students: %
  e. Persons of diversity (Please do not include int'l students in this category) %

What tuition data are you collecting; semester, year, credit hour?

Tuition data refers to the TOTAL AMOUNT it would cost a student attending FULL TIME to receive the degree. Therefore if your program cost $5,000 a semester for a FT student and is a two year program the total cost of the tuition you would enter in the survey is $20,000.  We understand your tuition may change year to year but we are attempting to give students a general idea of the total cost of the degree to them at a given point in time.


Custom Benchmarking

Schools who submit their Annual Data Report are eligible to participate in NASPAA's Custom Benchmarking Service:

  • Participating members may request benchmarking data, highlighting which data elements they are interested in (including salary and alumni survey data).
  • The school should identify and rank 10 schools they would be interested in benchmarking data from (10 school are identified so if any of the top 5 did not provide data a substitute school can be filled in, or if the data provided makes the school individually identifiable)

  • NASPAA would extract the data we have on those 10 schools and provide back to the school requesting the benchmarking the data for 5 schools (scrubbed as to not identify which school is associated with which data)

  • Schools requesting benchmarking on salary or alumni survey data must have participated in/ provided those data elements in order to receive them.  If a school hasn’t, but wishes to they must provide the data before NASPAA will provide benchmarking.



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Other Data

Degrees Awarded AY 04-05 to 09-10

Archived NASPAA Data


NASPAA Data Committee
Current Chair:  Mike Shires, Pepperdine University

Important Documents of the NASPAA Data Committee


Archived membership surveys

For membership surveys on enrollment and degrees awarded:

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