The Latest Issue of JPAE Volume 24 No.1 is Here!

The latest issue of Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) ushers in a new era for NASPAA's flagship journal. Not only does it mark the release of the first issue with Taylor & Francis as its publisher, moving forward from a proud heritage of more than two decades of self-publication by NASPAA, but it is the first issue released by its new editorial team. Dr. Bruce McDonald of North Carolina State University and Dr. William Hatcher of Augusta University take over as co-editors-in-chief.
To help implement their vision for JPAE, Bruce and Will have put together a superb team of associate editors. Dr. Lori Brainard of George Washington University will serve as the case studies editor, Dr. Jessica Terman of George Mason University will serve as the book review editor, Dr. Alicia Schatteman of Northern Illinois University will serve as the social media editor, and Dr. Kendra Stewart of the College of Charleston will serve as an international and engagement editor. Winn Decker, a PhD student from North Carolina State University, will also be working with the Journal as the assistant editor. This team presents a strong and diverse editorial team that can ensure JPAE achieves its mission of advancing teaching and learning in our field.

Please note: there are now two options for JPAE access by NASPAA member schools: electronic access is available for free to all NASPAA member school faculty, staff and students. University libraries and perhaps the schools themselves may want to SEPARATELY obtain a HARD copy subscription to the journal. The cost of hard copies in NOT covered in the JPAE access agreement for all NASPAA members, and must be paid for separately."  

How to Access JPAE Online
On Friday, April 6, the Journal of Public Affairs Education Volume 24, Issue 1 will be free to access through May 31, 2018. Simply go to: to view, download, and print the articles which interest you. 
In the future, JPAE access will remain free for all faculty, students, and staff in NASPAA member programs. Make sure you are logged onto your library's network, search for the Journal of Public Affairs Education, and you will have automatic access. The Taylor & Francis system will recognize your university's IP address as being a NASPAA member (so you should therefore log into your school's network in order to access future JPAE issues.) If you have any access issues, please see your university librarian.



Bruce D. McDonald, III
Associate Professor of Public Budgeting and Finance and MPA Director
North Carolina State University

William Hatcher
Associate Professor of Political Science and MPA Director
Augusta University