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VOLUME 23, No. 2


The Values of Public Administration
David Schultz


PA Programs and Internet Education: Validation of Quality and Acceptance Despite Continuing Challenges Surrounding Online Delivery

Manfred Meine & Thomas P. Dunn

Personality and the Teaching of Public Administration: A Case for the Big Five
Christopher A. Cooper, Whittney Campbell-Bridges, &
David M. McCord

Providing Context and Inspiring Hope: Using the Case Method to Teach Public Policy in Developing Countries
Robert Mudida & Nadia Rubaii

Expanding the Classroom: Local Government Practitioners’ Use of Academic Resources
Willow S. Jacobson & Kristina T. Lambright


David Schultz
, Co-Editor, Hamline University
Marieka Klawitter,
Co-Editor, University of Washington
Alexis Howell,
Editorial Assistant
Julie Van Pelt,
Copy Editor
Val Escher,
Layout Editor


The Missing “Social” in Social Enterprise Education in the United States
Roseanne Marie Mirabella & Angela M. Eikenberry

The Relevance of Regulation: A Pathway for Teaching Students in Applied Fields about Public Affairs
Marco Antonio Castillo


Assignments for Studying Frontline Bureaucracy
N. Alexander Aguado


Review of Surveillance, Transparency, and Democracy— Public Administration in the Information Age
Muhittin Acar



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The cover of this issue features NASPAA member school Nanyang Technological University, located in Singapore. The Nanyang Centre for Public Administration aims to promote good governance and public services, facilitate knowledge exchanges, and strengthen cooperation between governments around the world.

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