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VOLUME 23, No. 3


Alternative Facts and Public Affairs
David Schultz


Directing Public Affairs Programs

Lori A. Brainard, Guest Editor


Navigating the Multiple Roles of the MPA Director: Perspectives and Lessons

Thomas J. Vicino

Are We Having Fun Yet? Exploring the Motivations, Challenges, and Rewards of MPA and MPP Program Directors in the United States
Jerri Killian & Mary Wenning

The Challenges and Rewards of Service: Job Satisfaction among Public Affairs Program Directors
Lori A. Brainard & Donna Lind Infeld

Gender and the Role of Directors of Public Administration and Policy Programs
Bonnie Stabile, Jessica Terman, & Catherine Kuerbitz


David Schultz
, Co-Editor, Hamline University
Marieka Klawitter,
Co-Editor, University of Washington
Alexis Howell,
Editorial Assistant
Julie Van Pelt,
Copy Editor
Val Escher,
Layout Editor


Beyond the Usual Complaints: The Front-Line Challenges and Opportunities of Small MPA Programs
Michelle Pautz & Grant Neeley

The Capacity and Constraints of Small MPA Programs: A Survey of Program Directors
William Hatcher, Wesley L. Meares, & Victoria Gordon

Gender Differences in the Leadership Styles of MPA Directors
Meghna Sabharwal, Helisse Levine, & Maria J. D’Agostino


Paying It Forward: The Role of Student Philanthropy Course Activities on Civic Outcomes
Jodi Benenson & Erika Moldow

Information Technology Strategy and Management Curricula in Public Administration Education in Latin America
Gabriel Purón-Cid


Review of A Presidential Civil Service: FDR’s Liaison Office for Personnel Management
by Mordecai Lee

Michael W. Popejoy


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Building on a rich tradition of education for public service and on its location in the nation’s capital, just a few blocks west of the White House, the George Washington University offers a superior education for students wishing to pursue public affairs-oriented academic programs. George Washington University serves as the host institution of Lori A. Brainard, our guest editor for our symposium on Directing Public Affairs Programs.

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