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Announcing NASPAA's Capstone Campaign
Share your completed Capstone reports!
Advertise your needs for Capstone sponsors!

It's a unique way to connect schools with federal agencies for Capstone projects, using the new Fed Cafe online community! 

New to the Fed Cafe?
See one-page flyers for schools and for agencies.

Read the quick instructions below, or go to to get started!
Log in
Add a Capstone or other item

Register in 5 easy steps

1. Go to the register page and select the appropriate user type. 

2. Complete the short form, and write a sentence or two for "More About Me".  Select Policy Area and Functional Area "tags" to identify your interests.

3. Select whether you want email notifications about items that match your interests (either from Area tags or "saved searches").

4. Read the Terms of Service, check the box noting you agree, and click Join.

5. A verification request will be emailed to you. (If you don't see it within 3 minutes, check your spam folder.) Click the link to confirm your address and your agreement to the Terms.  Congratulations - you're now a Fed Cafe member!

Log in

Go to the Fed Cafe homepage and click Sign In. Enter your email address and password, click Sign In, and you're in!

Add a Capstone report or other item

1) From the homepage, click "Add an Item" in the Add to Fed Cafe box (or use the button under "my account" on the toolbar).

2) On the screen that displays, select which type of item to add:

to post a student Capstone report: select Add Completed Work (tips on adding one)
to publicize that you're seeking agencies as Capstone clients/sponsors: select Add Public Saved Search (view an example with tips)
to announce that you've got a project that could serve as a Capstone (e.g. to sponsor one): select Add Capstone

3) Fill out the short form, including selecting one or more Policy and Functional Area tags, and click Submit!

Now you're ready to get started on the Fed Cafe!

Questions? Need help? Contact us at


What is a "Public Saved Search"?
Shopping sites like eBay have a 'saved search'  function, which allows users to save search criteria for items they're looking to buy. It's a handy tool. BUT, the searches aren't visible to sellers - so they don't know what potential buyers exist.
The Fed Cafe has solved that problem by creating an option for users to make saved searches public. With this function, you can advertise to potential 'sellers' what kind of items you're looking to 'buy'. Saved searches display in the list of items, and are themselves searchable.

This function is great for schools seeking agencies as Capstone sponsors/ clients. Schools can publicize that they're looking to "buy" a Capstone from an agency "seller". 
View an example and tips for using a Public Saved Search to advertise a call for Capstone clients.

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