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NASPAA organized a Data Summit on Entry-level Federal Hiring, which convened 30 federal agency leaders, researchers, and faculty to discuss how systematically collecting, sharing, and analyzing personnel data can lead to improved federal hiring. (2/26/14)

NASPAA president Ethel Williams discussed the importance of public affairs education on Federal News Radio, offering a response to a December Washington Post op-ed critical of public policy schools. (1/20/14)

NASPAA released a Statement on the October US federal government shutdown, focused on the potential impact on the next generation of public service. (10/17/13)

NASPAA's "Fed Cafe" online community has launched! The website facilitates engagement and collaboration between member schools, faculty and students and federal agencies.
For a quick overview, see one-page flyers for schools and for agencies

NASPAA organized a Salute to the Next Generation forum at George Washington University, as part of Public Service Recognition Week 2012. The program is posted here (5/2/12)

NASPAA discussed the forum, and the Pathways Programs, on a Federal News Radio FEDtalk show about Public Service Recognition Week. (4/20/12)

Pathways Programs

NASPAA organized and emceed an OPM webcast on the federal Pathways Programs for Students and Recent Graduates on April 25, 2013. The video will be posted shortly. (5/1/13)

NASPAA appeared on the "FEDTalk" radio show to discuss the status of the Pathways Programs. (1/25/13)

The final regulations for the Pathways Programs were released on May 11, 2012.  NASPAA has published a summary and analysis of the changes made since the draft regulations. (5/20/12)

NASPAA was quoted in a Washington Post article on a House committee opening an inquiry into the email and IT problems that the PMF program has experienced recently.  (3/6/12)

NASPAA submitted formal comments and recommendations on the proposed regulations, as did a large number of member schools as well as university presidents and provosts. (10/4/11)

In general, the draft regulations were very favorable to students and graduates of public affairs schools.  However, there are a few provisions that should be changed to ensure that the programs are robust and attract the nation's top talent. 

Previously, NASPAA published a summary and analysis of the proposed regulations, and issued a Statement supporting the proposed regulations upon their release. 

NASPAA and three member schools were quoted in a Chronicle of Higher Education feature article on the Pathways Programs.

The Washington Post published an editorial supporting federal hiring reform for students, which refers to NASPAA's Senate testimony. (7/5/11)

NASPAA Executive Director Laurel McFarland testified at a US Senate hearing on "Inspiring Students to Federal Service" on June 21. Video of the hearing and all statements are posted at the Senate Committee page. [NASPAA testimony begins at the 76:30 mark.]
NASPAA's testimony was quoted in a Washington Post column and an Inside Higher Ed article

NASPAA’s top policy priority is a push for the reform of federal hiring of graduate students, specifically strengthening the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program.

NASPAA will monitor and work closely with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), other federal agencies, good-government groups, and the higher education community throughout the regulatory process. In addition to ensuring that graduate students are included in the forthcoming Pathways Programs, we will advocate for meaningful, evaluative essay questions and in-person interviews in the PMF selection process. 

NASPAA organized a successful, well-attended "Working Session on the Pathways Executive Order" on March 7, 2011 to discuss five "aspirations" in the Pathways EO.  The National Academy of Public Administration co-sponsored the meeting, and seven organizations lent their names as Supporting Sponsors.  The meeting flyer and program are available.

Press coverage of the meeting (both articles quote Paul Posner, director of the George Mason Univ. MPA program):

  • Government Executive
  • CyberFeds
  • Letter to OPM on the importance of including graduate students in the Pathways Programs, from the deans of APSIA's US member schools. (2/23/11)

    NASPAA Statement on White House “Pathways” Executive Order on Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates (1/18/11)
    - NASPAA applauds the President and OPM for the “trailblazing” initiative

    Duke University letter to OPM urging the full inclusion of graduate students in the Pathways Programs. (1/18/11)

    NASPAA White Paper: Building the Federal Workforce for the 21st Century: Pathways for Graduate Students
    (Dec. 2010)
    - Letter transmitting paper to John Berry, OPM Director

    NASPAA member dean Stephen Crosby of the University of Massachusetts Boston testified before a Congressional Committee on improving federal hiring for students and recent graduates. (May 2010)

    NASPAA White Paper: Blazing Graduate Pathways into Federal Service
    (Dec. 2009)

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