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Keneshbek Sainazarov

Understanding Post-Soviet Policy Making

ppp Job Title:
Civic Education Program Manager

International Foundation for Election Systems

MPA; Nonprofit Management and Policy; 2001
University of Colorado at Denver

Home Country:

Sainazarov (left); Deputy
Jangoroz Kanimetov © Muskie

What do you enjoy about your job? What aspects of your job are the most exciting or interesting?
[I enjoy the] flexibility in administering projects, our creative minded staff, and the opportunity to design demand-driven projects [It is exciting to be involved with] communication with stakeholders and result-oriented missions and projects.

Why did you choose to pursue an MPA/MPP degree?
[I chose to pursue an MPA] to get professional skills (communication, project analysis, management, etc.)

How do you feel your MPA/MPP is helping you to make a difference?
One skill, which is different in a post Soviet policy-making environment, I have acquired through the graduate degree is the ability to listen to stakeholders' opinions in decision-making and policy development. Together with a partner from a government office, who is in charge of developing education content for secondary schools, I have traveled to almost every county. We met with school principals, deputy directors, teachers, parents and students, and asked them how they see education policy in Kyrgyzstan. It took us two years, but now we have data that represents all stakeholders’ opinions. Soon we plan to present the results of this research to the government.

How would you characterize your personality?
* Team worker * Rigorous * Good under pressure * Compassionate * Creative * Teacher * Persistet * Organized * Committed * Flexible * Fast-paced * Curious * Detail-oriented * Independent * People person * Diplomatic * Analytical * Service-oriented *

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