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Dmitry Savchenko

Improving Work Environments

ppp Job Title:
Deputy General Director-Quality Management Representative

Polygrafspectr, Ltd.

MPA; International Management; 1999
Monterey Institute of International Studies

Home Country:

What do you enjoy about your job? What aspects of your job are the most exciting or interesting?
I try to implement the ideas of quality life into the work environment.

Why did you choose to pursue an MPA/MPP degree?
I have various directions of activities featuring my persistent interests in public administration (Political Science, Quality Management). Thus, I chose the MPA program.

How did you select your graduate school?
It was not me who made the selection. I was nominated within the terms of competitions organized by the Muskie fellowship program (ACTR/ACCELS). Monterey Institute is the perfect and convenient place for work and study (and life, of course). It would be suitable for those applicants who are focused on a variety of global trends featuring the post-communist studies in respect to new emerging democracies.

How do you feel your MPA/MPP is helping you to make a difference?
I try to combine my professional experiences with the knowledge gained at MIIS. I managed to implement the ideas of quality management into practical sphere leading to providing services confirmed to requirements of ISO 9001 standard

How would you characterize your personality?
* Creative * Persistent * Organized * Committed * Detail oriented * Analytical *

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