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Gabriel Fidel

Bridging the Divide between Public and Private Sectors

ppp Job Title:
General Manager

Tittarelli Winery

MPA; Public Affairs; 1993
University of Texas, Austin

Home Country:

What do you enjoy about your job? What aspects of your job are the most exciting or interesting?
My professional career has been part in the public sector and part in the private sector, in the wine industry, which is very important in my province Mendoza, with 5 centuries of history. Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world and the 6th largest consumer. Currently, I am responsible for the operation of the company, which is present in the domestic market and in 25 markets in the world. I started with this new job last February. I am also involved in NGOs related to the wine industry, and also in civil society organizations that work on citizens’ rights, human rights and poverty. In the past, besides been responsible for another winery, I was part of the government of Mendoza State, the Minister of Economic affairs, Minister of Governmental Affairs and Secretary of Tourism. In government, I enjoyed being part of the decision making process, having the power to make change as a public policy maker, providing solutions for people and feeling that I could give something to the society in which I grew up.

Why did you choose to pursue an MPA/MPP degree?
I chose the MPA program because the comprehensive education that I got was the most appropriate way to get the best tools to face my career. The focus of the MPA program is very useful when you plan to be in positions in which you have to be responsible for the decisions you make.

How did you select your graduate school?
I chose the LBJ program for different reasons. First, It is one of the best schools in the US, with a good mix of local/international approach. Second, It has the best quality/price ratio. Third, I was a Fulbright fellow and at that time, they highly recommended to me that kind of program and the school. Many people in the US recommended the LBJ School to me. In addition to that, my University in Mendoza has an agreement with UT/Austin.

How do you feel your MPA/MPP is helping you to make a difference?
I feel that I have the right tools, background and expertise that helped me be effective and successful in the responsibilities that I have had and currently have (and hope will have) in my professional career. I feel proud of having been in important positions in my Province in two Mendoza’s Governors cabinets and then in the private sector to be part of local NGO’s that try to make a difference in Mendoza, Argentina and the world.

How would you characterize your personality?
* Team worker * Creative * Committed *

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