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2017 NASPAA Career Professionals Conference
December 6-8, 2017


NASPAA thanks the University of Nebraska at Omaha for hosting this year's NASPAA Career Professionals Conference December 7-8th in Omaha.  The conference opened with former NASPAA President, Ethel Williams, enlightening attendees about little known facts about Nebraska.  After learning how Omaha has the world's largest indoor rain forest and other fun facts,  attendees discussed: nonprofit fundraising and policy; preparing tomorrow's public servants; internships; career advising; utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest; public service and inclusion; and transportation employment opportunities to name but a few topics. View the final agenda for the conference.

Some resources coming out of the meeting that members may be interested in include:

We especially thank Meagan Van Gelder and Megan Nelson of UNO for acting as co-chairs of the Planning Committee and hosts for the meeting as well as Planning Committee Members:

Leslie Andersen, University of Chicago

Tricia Arndts, University of Maryland

Hannah Rose Bainter, University of Virginia

Denise Burchard, Northern Illinois University

George Dougherty, University of Pittsburgh

Matthew French, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Dirk Hart, Florida International University

Steven Hiss, University of Virginia

Surabhi Lal, New York University

Joann Lindstrom, Binghamton University - SUNY

Elaine McBeth, College of William & Mary

Adam Motenko, Brandeis University

Katrina Randolph, Georgetown University

Jill Rockwell, University of Virginia

Tamara Schaps, University of Washington

Emily Sharples, Princeton University

Natilia Trujilio, The City College of New York

Interested in hosting the 2018 NASPAA Career Conference at your school?
See the application instructions and criteria here.
Applications due by Wednesday, January 17, 2018.




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