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NASPAA-Doha Institute
International Conference

November 13-14, 2017
Doha, Qatar

Draft Conference Schedule

NASPAA, in partnership with the Doha Institute, will be holding an international conference: Toward a Quality Public Service Education in Doha, Qatar.

The conference provides an opportunity for those involved with public administration and public policy in the Arab world to investigate avenues for cooperation in the region and beyond. Conference attendees will discuss means for active ongoing cooperation and partnership to confront current and future challenges facing the Arab world, particularly in terms of program design, graduate employment, development of research areas, and other such challenges. 

Research into public policy and public administration and their teaching in the Arab world is scant. In spite of the establishment of departments teaching public administration and public service in some Arab colleges and institutes since the 1970s, the results of curriculum development, training, and research in public service and public policy education remain limited.   

This Conference will thus be the first of its kind on the Arab level and parallels the NASPAA conferences previously held in China and Mexico, which discussed the academic field of teaching and research into public affairs in those regions. 

Conference aims
The Conference aims to boost the quality of programs for public administration and public affairs in the Arab world by providing the opportunity for universities in the region to connect with each other in order to: 
Participate in a serious dialogue over the challenges facing these programs in the region.

  • Discuss the role that could be undertaken by public education programs to build capacity for governance in the Arab world.
  • Further the understanding of program administration and the criteria for international accreditation.
  • Foster research into important subjects in the region and the institutionalization of cooperation among academics specializing in studying public-sector administration and public affairs and policy in the Arab world.
Conference outputs
  • A shared understanding of international systems to ensure educational quality.
  • Exchange of best practices in teaching courses on public policy and administration in the context of education that address practical real-world issues.
  • Creation of a formal or informal network for the cooperation and interaction of Conference participants once the Conference is over.
  • Encouraged writing for peer-reviewed journals such as contributions to a special issue of the Journal of Public Affairs Education.
  • Network opportunities with the leadership and deans of other programs on the Arab and international level.
  • Identified research areas that participants or their institutions might consider participating in.

Draft Conference Schedule

If you have questions regarding the conference, please contact Stacy Drudy at

Doha Institute

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